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Scoliosis management options

Scoliosis assessments, monitoring, and tailored treatment plans for children, adolescents, and adults

Here is how we support you on your scoliosis journey

Below are the five core scoliosis management options we offer. Since every scoliosis patient’s situation is unique, we develop tailored plans based on your individual conditions, needs, and preferences. 



When you arrive at your first appointment, Dr. West will determine the best course of action and guide you through it, step by step.


Screening and Assessment

Scoliosis screenings help us determine if a person may have scoliosis. Early detection is key to early intervention and minimizing progression, so we provide scoliosis screenings in-office for all patients. Screenings are especially important for children and adolescents in their peak growth years (girls aged 10-12 and boys aged 12-14).


A positive scoliosis screening does not always mean a person has scoliosis. Ultimately the diagnosis of scoliosis is done by x-ray. There are very specific criteria we use before recommending an x-ray to minimize radiation exposure. We have the ability in-office to take the appropriate x-rays and make a diagnosis.


Idiopathic Scoliosis Management (AIS)

For youth who have been diagnosed with AIS, we develop custom management plans to fit your family’s unique situation. We consider the timing of your child’s diagnosis, their age, the magnitude of their curve, their stage of growth, and your family’s personal preferences.


Based on all these factors, we design your scoliosis management plan. This may involve monitoring only, or it may involve treatment such as scoliosis specific exercises or custom scoliosis bracing.


Degenerative Scoliosis Management

Adult-Onset Degenerative Scoliosis can be an adolescent scoliosis that has worsened over time, or it can be a new condition caused by joint and spinal discs that have degenerated due to aging.


Whichever your case, we will develop a plan to monitor, manage, or treat your condition. We provide a thorough history, examination and x-ray evaluation so we can provide a full review of findings to guide you through your options. This may involve monitoring only, or it may involve treatment such as scoliosis specific exercises or custom scoliosis bracing.


Specific Exercises

Scoliosis specific exercises are designed to increase body awareness so you can self-correct your spine’s position during day-to-day activities.


Dr. West is certified to help treat any stage of scoliosis with scoliosis specific exercises. This is done in close collaboration with our Athletic Therapist.


The first step to practising these exercises is to make sure you understand your spinal curves. To help you do so, we walk you through your x-rays. Once you have a good understanding of your spinal curves, we teach you how to properly perform each exercise while performing your self-correction. Scoliosis Specific Exercises can also involve learning how to safely stretch your curves to minimize the chances of progression.



Dr. West is certified to assess, prescribe, and fit patients with innovative 3D customized Scoliosis Braces. The decision to use a brace for treatment is complicated and there are many factors to consider.

A few of these factors include:

What kind of scoliosis is it?

How old is the patient and what is the skeletal maturity?

How big are the scoliosis curves and are the curves progressing?

What are your family’s goals?

Dr. West will help you navigate these questions and determine whether customized bracing is appropriate for your case. Brace treatment requires ongoing monitoring and management to ensure the brace is doing what it is supposed to. If bracing is right for you, we will guide you through that process and provide the appropriate care during bracing.