Conditions Treated


There are many reasons a person may be experiencing headaches. Your chiropractor will consult with you to determine what may be the source of your headaches and if chiropractic care is appropriate in your case.

Back Pain

This is by far the most common reason people visit the chiropractor. Chiropractic care for lower back pain has been shown to be one of the most effective treatments. Learn more

Neck Pain

Your neck is susceptible to injury due to its degree of flexibility coupled with the fact that it has the least amount of muscular stabilization to support a 10-11 pound head. Learn more

Whiplash Injury

Whiplash injury can happen to all areas of the spine including the lower and middle back but it is most common in the neck. Whiplash is caused by sudden movement of the spine either backwards, forwards or sideways and it results in damage to supporting muscles, ligaments and connective tissues. Learn more

Children and Chiropractic

Your whole family is welcome at Discovery Chiropractic. Infants and children are very active and their developing spines may need care due to falls or other minor traumas. They tend to respond very quickly and effectively to treatment if problems are caught early. The doctors are trained and experienced in working with delicate pediatric spines. In addition to common musculoskeletal complaints, chiropractic care has been shown to be effective in the treatment of conditions such as: colic, ear infections (otitis media), asthma, allergies and headaches.

Arthritis Pain Relief

There are many different kinds of arthritic conditions, however the most common type is Osteoarthritis. This is commonly known as degenerative or wear and tear arthritis and virtually every one of us will get some degree of this as we age. If you are suffering from arthritis, chiropractic care is a very effective option. By mobilizing, stretching and adjusting arthritic joints we help to restore the proper movement and function of the area. This in turn helps reduce pain, inflammation, muscle soreness and nerve pain associated with that joint. Depending on the arthritic condition, low level laser therapy can also be used to decrease pain and inflammation.

Sports Injuries

The Chiropractors at Discovery Chiropractic commonly treat injuries from a variety of sports including: track and field, hockey, golf, swimming, lacrosse, soccer, martial arts, gymnastics and competitive dance. They are the official chiropractors for the Storm Hockey Team, The Comets Track and Field Team and CR Dance Show Team.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is a painful repetitive strain foot condition that effects the heel and middle arch of the foot. The Chiropractors at Discovery Chiropractic will evaluate your feet and biomechanical chain (ankle, knee, hip and lower back) to determine why the condtion has occured and what can be done about it. Typically treatment involves a combination of foot mobilization/manipulation, soft tissue therapies and low level laser. Custom prescription orthotics may also be recommended for support and biomechanical correction. .

Hip Pain/Leg Pain/Sciatica

There are many conditions that cause people to develop pain in the area of the hip, buttock and/or lower back with referred pain running down into the leg or foot (sciatic nerve impingement or sciatica). Some of the more common causes of these types of pain are: hip bursitis, piriformis syndrome, arthritic hips, ITB syndrome, herniated or bulging lumbar discs, lumbar spinal impingement, spinal stenosis and sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Chiropractic care is one of the most effective methods to alleviate the pain associated with these conditions.

Pregnancy and Chiropractic

Chiropractic care throughout pregnancy can help relieve pain and discomfort associated with changes in body structure and function. About half of all expectant mothers will develop lower back pain and chiropractic care is a safe, natural alternative to ease this discomfort.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder and upper back pain are very common conditions we treat at Discovery Chiropractic. Pain can stem from the muscles and tendons surrounding the shoulder (rotator cuff), the shoulder joint itself, the upper back, the neck or other soft tissue structures in the area. Chiropractic treatment may consist of restoring proper movement and function of the shoulder, the neck and/or the upper back through stretching, mobilization, adjustments and low level laser. The diagnosis and appropriate treatment regime will be discussed with you prior to beginning care.  


Scoliosis is when an abnormal lateral curvature of the spine forms. There are many reasons why the spine might develop scoliosis but by far the most common cause is idiopathic or unknown. What we do know is that scoliosis puts uneven pressure on the vertebrae of the spine and rib cage which can cause joint pain and lack of proper function. Chiropractic can ease the pain and discomfort associated with scoliosis by simply helping restore the proper movement of the spinal bones, easing pressure on the surrounding muscles and nerves.

TMJ Dysfuction

The TMJ is a hinged joint that connects the jaw to the temporal bones of the skull and can develop mechanical dysfunction and impingement. This dysfunction may cause a clicking or painful joint when chewing, pain in the cheek or temple, reduced range of motion of the jaw including locking and/or temporal headaches. Many TMJ problems will clear up with a combination of gentle TMJ stretching and/or manipulation and low level laser therapy to reduce swelling and inflammation.