Scoliosis is defined as a curvature of the spine that is greater than 10 degrees and has rotation of the vertebrae. There are many different kinds and reasons for scoliosis. The most common type of scoliosis is called idiopathic scoliosis. Dr. Josh West has a special interest in treating people with scoliosis. Twenty years ago when Dr. West was in University the treatment for scoliosis was limited to monitoring the curvature of the spine until it reached a point where surgery was recommended. Now, the research suggests early intervention can significantly reduce the curves and in some incidences, correct the scoliotic curve. We have decided not to get into all the details of treatment in this caption, but instead direct you to for up to date information of treatment options and more detailed information on scoliosis.

Dr. West is certified to evaluate your scoliosis and make recommendations on current treatment options. This may include observation, exercises, exercises and bracing or referral for surgical consultation. Dr. West is certified provider of Scolibrace and Discovery Chiropractic has cutting edge technology to provide this service to Vancouver Island.

We are a Scolibrace provider, for more information visit our Scolibrace website.

If you would like a complete scoliosis evaluation please contact our office, we would be happy to discuss further.

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